Field Trip & Non-Field Trip Bento

Ben had a field trip today, so we had a fun round of "Same lunch, different containers!"

He needed a more disposable lunch, so he didn't have to schlep his lunch bag around on the field trip, whereas Faith was at school, so any container was fine.  Since I knew this trip was coming up, I saved a takeout container from the last week, washed out the inside and reused it.  (It only held a piece of cheesecake, so it was an easy one to reuse.  Spaghetti ones? Not so much.)

Ben has two of the ham and cheese mini pies from last week, along with a cutie orange, two fresh strawberries with blueberries tucked inside, and some animal crackers.  I used muffins papers to separate the food a bit, along with a paper/wood skull pick and a plastic sword pick (from a pack of 100 or so), all things I didn't care if they made it back home.  He also took along a bottle of water, and a smoothie pouch I got in a sample pack.  I save all the individual samples for occasions like this!

Faith had almost the same lunch, but switched out the orange for carrots, and added an apple to her lunch box instead of the smoothie.  Hers is packed in a 4 square Lock & Lock box, and the matroyshka picks were from a friend.

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