Use Up the Leftovers Bento

There are definitely occasions where lunches are not pretty around here, especially when it comes time to use up the leftovers.

We were skiing last weekend and went to a great little Italian place that did brick oven pizzas for dinner. Our waitress told us we could do a kids' portion of their pizzas, which seemed perfect for F&B, but still came with a ton of leftovers, so we ended up bringing almost an entire pizza home.  On the plus side, leftovers can often be repurposed as lunch!

Ben has two slices of his pizza, which was topped with some type of Italian style hame, along with a cutie orange and homemade apple chips, since I bought 40lbs of apples the other week.  We made a lot of apple chips on the dehydrator.  Not pictured is Greek yogurt for a bit of extra protein. Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.