Week 2 of Make Ahead Bento - Day 4

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Yesterday was Day 4 of our packing ahead week and also our last day.  Because of the kids' theater schedule, we opted for the 4 day week as I think they are having pizza before their last daytime rehearsal today.  Plus, the 4 day week seems to make a lot of sense, as I know quite a few people who do "Make 4 days, buy 1" deals with their kids.  And it's pretty easy to just add one more lunch when you've got everything already made.

BentoLunch.net - Make Ahead Bento Lunches, Day 4, Make Your Own Pizza Lunchable

Today, the kiddos had make your own pizza lunches.  I used whole wheat sandwich thins, cut in half to fit in the box, as crusts, along with mini dippers of sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese, and pepperonis.  This way, nothing was soggy and the kids made their pizzas at lunch.  On the side, they had cutie oranges, blackberries, and some homemade dried apples and bananas.  Once again, I sent a variety of snacks to get them through play practice.

Sunday prep was packaging up the sauce and cheese, adding the breads and pepperoni, peeling the cutie orange and adding the other fruits.  Morning prep only included filling water bottles and adding snacks in their lunch bags.


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