A Very Pre-planned Bento

It's one of those simple lunch kind of days.  This week has involved Faith's math team competition and a lot of prep for her GS campout this weekend.  Her Junior troop is earning their Bronze Award by taking a Brownie troop camping, and there has been bits & pieces to do to get ready for that.

No week would be complete without utter craziness on the weekend (the husband has the Spartan Race and the boy has his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby district race & a birthday party, all within a 6 hour span on Saturday), so simple lunches it is, pretty much all week long.

And if there was ever a poster lunch for the prep-ahead plan?  This one is it!  Ben has a chili muffin, which was in my freezer stash, a boiled egg (I boiled 8 of them earlier in the week for quick protein snacks), strawberries and honeydew, which were sliced up right after purchase!  He also took a Chobani yogurt tube for a snack.  It's packed in a 4-square Lock & Lock box and took about 3 minutes to throw together, peeling the egg took the longest, since everything else was ready to go.

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