A Very Quick Camel Bento

Or basically me thinking "Oh, I need a good picture, where are the darn cookie cutters?"

On the plus side, Faith has always been fascinated with Egypt, hence her love of camels, and Ben will be at a 3 week Ancient Egypt day camp at Colorado College this summer, so it's not a bad theme.

Both kids have the same lunch--ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat rounds, topped with a cheddar camel, vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries (which thaw by lunch), and sliced strawberries.  I also sent animal crackers for a snack.  We're packed in our Easy Lunchboxes today because I wanted to stack a few lunches in the fridge so I had them ready, it's a busy week!


  1. My daughter loved Ancient Egypt, too! Your simple lunch is super cute!


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