Breakfast-style bento

Today, Faith has her 5th grade wax museum project!  The kids drew names for their characters and she got Rosa Parks.  She loved learning about her, I bought her a great new book, she designed trading cards which I had printed, created an activity book that I had bound, created a Prezi, and made her own comic strip, plus her essay, speech and costume.

Because of this, I was iffy on how much lunchtime the 5th graders would have, and I wasn't sure if it was in costume or not, so we went with a decidedly non-messy lunch, breakfast style!

Both kids had the same lunch again--a cinnamon bagel with strawberry cream cheese, a boiled egg already peeled and sliced, strawberry chunks, and dried apple pieces.  I also sent some cheese and crackers for a snack for some extra protein.  Once again, we're packed in our Easy Lunchboxes. since I prepacked these lunches on the weekend.


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