Field Trip Bento, for the North Pole

Another day, another field trip at our house!  This time, Faith was off to the North Pole Amusement Park as a special end of the year 5th grade trip that the kids had to earn.  She had the option between a regular or a disposable lunch, but I figured she'd rather not have to carry the containers around all day in her little backpack.  I used a spare blueberry container, and since she was going to the North Pole, went with a Christmas theme today!

Faith took a chicken and veggie stuffed muffin, a cutie orange, some baby carrots, and some chunks of cheese.  I switched the muffin paper to a Christmas one, wrapped the orange in a second Christmas paper, and used two disposable Christmas picks to accent the muffin and orange.

I sliced the cheese with a Christmas tree cutter to keep with the theme, and added yogurt for a bit more protein.  Faith also took a bit of extra money for snacks at the park, ice cream was the treat of choice.

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