May the 4th Be With You! A Star Wars Day Bento

You know, with a 7 year old boy, we just had to have a Star Wars Day lunch!  Ben also desperately wanted to make Star Wars cookies, like last year, but besides Star Wars Day, it's also district Pinewood Derby Day and Spartan Race day and GS campout day, so one lunch is all I can handle!

The boy has two ham and cheese sandwiches on honey wheat, cut into Yoda (my favorite) and TIE fighter (because it fit on one piece of bread).  His strawberries are using light sabers to fight each other. To the right, he has blackberries and some honeydew with Darth Vader with some jellybeans in it.  Darth was an Easter egg and had to be tucked between the strawberries to shut the box.

And since it is Star Wars Day, a lot of my bento friends have Star Wars lunches as well!  Click the button below to check out the hop, then head over to the Dark Side for Hop #2!

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