Butterfly Bento for my Belly Dancer!

Miss Faith auditioned for a local production of Arabian Nights. She got a part as one of the little girls in the stories, as well as the option to also be one of the belly dancers that dance between each set!  She is quite thrilled, and now has dance practice 3 nights a week for two hours at a time.  Of course, this means she is starving, so we're sending bentos along for her to eat during her breaks!

Last night, Faith took a turkey and cheese sandwich on honey wheat, cut with our butterfly LunchPunch and accented with some cheddar cheese designs, some carrots, some melon with flower picks for the butterflies, and a few grapes.  It's packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes and our Lunchbox Love note is butterfly themed too!



  1. Butterfly shapes in a bento are so joyful! Really loving the tiny, bright flower accents on the fruit, too.

  2. Super cute.. and the addition of that Lunchbox Love is perfect!


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