Froggie Camp Snack Bento

For morning day camp, the kids needed to bring snacks and a bottle of water.  That said, my kids' version of a snack means mini-lunch, and my boy is always starving to death, so I opted for simpler, smaller lunch ideas to keep him sated until I picked him up at 11am.

I packed a single ham and cheese sandwich on honey wheat, cut into a frog with our favorite CutezCute sandwich cutter.  I added some honeydew and cantaloupe, along with frog picks, for a bit of fruit, and (not pictured) a piece of Stretch Island fruit leather between the containers and the lid.

Snack is packed in a Sassy On-the-Go box, which has three lidded interior containers.  It's small, more for toddlers, but since ours is solid blue, Ben is more than willing to use it as a snack box too.  I also added one of our Lunchbox Love notes from the camp series.  Ben loves these notes and the facts on the back, so I had to tuck one in for him.



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