Guest Post & Mustache Love!

That's right!  It's a blog takeover!  I'm Erin from feeling a little lunchy and I will be making lunch for you all today.  I'm very excited and honored to be guest posting here. This blog was one of the first I ever found with a lunch topic and it inspired me to first, make fun lunches, and then create my own blog. You can find me at and also on Facebook HERE

Just a quick background...I live in Atlanta and have two daughters who are 10 and 12 years old. I make lunch for them nearly every day.  My 12 year old won't let me make it fun for her anymore if she has to take it to school but the 10 year old will. I hope that never ends!  I love making fun lunches because it allows me to exercise my creativity and keeps me sane. It's the one creative thing I do each day and it truly makes me happy. I'm happy because I got to make something...and even happier that I know exactly what my children are eating and most of the time, it's healthier for them.

On to the lunch!  Of course...there's a mustache. 

I just discovered the girls love bagel thins.  This is an easy turkey and cheese sandwich on a bagel thin. I jazzed it up just for you and begged the question, "What's for lunch?" with a little food coloring gel tint. Also included in this Easylunchboxes container are some pineapples and mini cheddar rice cakes. 

Thanks for letting me hijack this blog!  Don't worry...Shannon will be back. 


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