It's Hip to Be Square

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Smart Balance. I received product samples, and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Yes really, it *is* hip to be square!

We got the chance to check out the new Smart Balance buttery spreads in the new, redesigned square tubs.  I have to say, we are liking the square tubs.  Our lovely base housing refrigerator is much smaller than the (much nicer) fridge we have stored in our basement because it doesn't fit in our (really tiny) kitchen.  I pretty much need all the room I can get, and anything to help stack containers is always appreciated.  While initially designed to help grocers and warehouses conserve space, the benefits in my own fridge were noticeable as well!

Even better, the 15 oz. quantity and same delicious heart healthier taste of Smart Balance has remained the same. Like most consumers, I'm not thrilled when new designs also mean less of a product I've always purchased, so I was happy to discover that the contents hadn't changed a bit!  The eco-friendly square tub also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 18%. That equals 6,487 newly planted trees each year.  We also save the tubs for other uses (leftover storage, recyclable lunches), to do our part for the environment.

From spreading Smart Balance on toast in the morning to incorporating it in a delicious pasta dinner or a substitute for butter in that birthday cake, Smart Balance proves an easy 1-1 swap in your everyday meals.  With the husband's occasional cholesterol issues, I try to keep a handle on what foods we eat and what ingredients go into making them, especially when it comes to swapping out products.  It can't hurt any of us to be more aware of what we are eating.

What do you use Smart Balance for?  Check out the Smart Balance website to learn more information about the new Smart Balance buttery spread and check out some great heart healthier recipes.  We think the Lobster Roll Cups look really great!