Keeping It Simple & Cute - Frog Bento for Ben

I finally ordered myself the last LunchPunch set I didn't have, and I am so enjoying the fairytale theme. Ben, being Ben, gave me a look when I originally showed them to him, but then decided that the frog was cute. So I made him a frog.

Ben had a ham and cheese sandwich on honey wheat, cut with the frog LunchPunch.  I pulled the cheese out of the inside of the crown piece and put it on top to show the decoration better.  The eyes were just some scrap cheese cut with the bump on a small heart shaped cutter.  To go with that, he had strawberries and blueberries, accented with matching frog pics, along with a Van's Cranberry Almond snack bar (a current favorite around here).  Also included is a Lunchbox Love note, because he can be rather delightful!  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.

Since it's back to school time, and everyone is looking for lunch ideas, this one only took a couple of extra minutes to make!  The LunchPunch made cutting the sandwich easy and it only took an extra moment to cut the eye pieces on the frog.  The strawberries needed to be cut no matter what, so I just added the picks for cuteness.



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