Rock the Lunchbox Lunch Makeover, Part 2

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm participating in "Rock the Lunchbox" Back to School program, with Annie's food products, Organic Valley, Honest Tea (Honest Kids) and Stonyfield (YoKids!).

 They've found that the biggest challenge for parents is including desirable items kids want to eat that also keep well until lunch. And what ideas are parents wanting? 45% say making lunch cool and fun, while 41% say food pairing ideas.

This time, it was a snack for Faith at the theater!  She took 6 mini animal pressed sandwiches (2 aren't pictured) which are cut and stamped with an adorable set similar to this one.  Minimal waste on these, just the very crusts and some teeny tiny bread corners, which Dante dog was happy to eat.  We also added in some grapes, carrots and strawberries, along with a cute elephant pick, along with a Lunchbox Love note.  After the base box, we added Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, an Honest Tea Kids lemonade, and while I forgot to take a picture of it, a YoKids yogurt tube!

Visit Rock the Lunchbox for more great lunch ideas, to find coupons for some of the products used here, and to share your own healthy lunch ideas.  You can even enter to win a great lunch prize pack from Annie's HomegrownHonest TeaOrganic Valley and Stonyfield (YoKids!) for sharing your healthy lunch picture.


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