The Other First Day of School Bento, for My Girl

It wasn't just the first day for Mr. Ben on Wednesday, Faith had her first day of 6th grade too! Because of the switch to the charter school we chose, they are still both in the same school.  I kind of prefer it that way--same school, same schedule, same lunch needs ... - First Day of School Bento for My Girl

Speaking of which, check out the difference between Ben's lunch yesterday and Faith's today.  They actually have just about the same amount of food.  Faith has a ham and cheese sandwich too, on honey wheat, but cut with our LunchPunch Sweet Shoppe ice cream cone cutter, so there are two half sandwiches.  She has a granola bar, pretzels and strawberries, same as Ben picked.  The difference in food is only the carrots for Faith and extra berries for Ben.

However, the box size makes it look like there is a huge difference!  Faith's box is a Paperchase one from Target.  It's smaller than the PlanetBox but deeper, so her sandwich, pretzels and carrots are all stacked, whereas Ben's were spread out.  It's quite amazing to see how much food a smaller box holds, providing you can stack things and pack it tightly.  It's always nice to have options.


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