Trying Out Our New Bynto Bento!

We finally got a chance to try out the new Byntos I bought the kids during Target's back to school sales. We actually have one pink and one blue, along with another Goodbyn set for salads and snacks.  I was interested to see how well things fit in the box and how much room there was to spare.

So what is for lunch?  Glad you asked!  Ben had a ham and cheese sandwich on honey wheat, cut with our fish (dolphin?) Lunch Punch.  I divided the middle section with two square silicone cups for yogurt covered granola bites and pretzels, then used the bottom section for blackberries (which are frozen, not fuzzy!).  I added a Lunchbox Love note and our Squeez'ems with applesauce as a snack.  We also discovered that the sandwich area would have had room for another dry item--carrots, crackers, etc.



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