A Bento Lunch by Faith!

I'm back and live from the new house!  It's mostly a sea of boxes, but at least we are in it!  We're loving it too, more space, bigger yard, nicer kitchen, and a kind of awesome fireplace that I have on right now.

Before we moved, I took these photos and promptly forgot to blog it.  Last week Tuesday, I came home from work and Faith said I had to go look in the kitchen.  When I got there, this is what I found:

She decided to make lunch for me--a crown sandwich, pretzels, yogurt with sprinkles and lemon cookies (not bad, especially since we were moving and low on food).  She also included a drawing she made me, one of the new Lunchbox Love for Strength and Hope cards, and another note she wrote me.

Her actual note was signed from her, Ben and Dante, ready for me to use for my blog.  Too cute!



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