Ben's Gone Batty Bento

Now that we are semi-settled in the new house, it's time for some Halloween lunches.  For the record, semi-settled means I have less boxes than I started with, not that I'm actually unpacked.  Either way, Ben is having bats for lunch!

Ben has ham and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat, a coffin decorated with a cheddar bat and an actual bat.  For the actual bat, I made the sandwich, then recut the top piece with a slightly smaller bat cutter to make the design pop out better.  He had cantaloupe, with a few cut into bat shapes and strawberries, accented with bat picks.  Not pictured, he took Greek yogurt, a granola bar and applesauce for snacks.  The benefit to the morning and afternoon recesses at their charter is that I can send reasonable snacks so lunch isn't their only food till they come home.

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes and accompanied by a Lunchbox Love note.