It's Halloween Bento Time, Part 1

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I absolutely adore Halloween.  I actually spend most of October, everything after my birthday, focusing on Halloween lunches, costumes, baking and decorating.  And since my birthday is now over, it is time for Halloween!

Ben wanted to help design his own lunch this week and decided he wanted a jack-o-lantern sandwich.  I cut the base sandwich with one of a quartet of sized pumpkin shaped cutters, then we added triangle eyes and a half circle smile.  I touched up the teeth with taps of the same triangle cutter, and Ben wanted a bat up top.  The sandwich is actually ham and cheddar on honey wheat, in case you were curious.  To the right, he has cantaloupe and grapes with Halloween picks, and vanilla yogurt with Halloween chocolate chips and sprinkles.  It's packed in our EasyLunchboxes and includes a Lunchbox Love Halloween note!