It's Halloween Bento Time, Part 2

The second of our Halloween bentos this year is actually fairly similar to the first.  Faith didn't have any strong feelings about her particular lunch this week, but jumped at the chance for her mini-linzer sandwiches (a long time favorite).  Since I have Halloween linzer cutters, it was quite easy to agree.

Her lunch is fairly similar to Ben's in content.  She had turkey and cheese sandwiches on honey wheat, but cut into 4 mini sandwiches with one of my linzer cookie cutters.  She picked the witch's hat, bat, owl and pumpkin for her sandwich designs.  To the right, she has grapes and cantaloupe with Halloween picks, just like Ben did, and vanilla yogurt with Halloween sprinkles and chocolate chips.  She is also packed in an EasyLunchbox with a holiday Lunchbox Love note!



  1. I've got to go out and get some cute seasonal picks! How cute those mini sandwiches are. I can see why your little one likes them!


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