Sharing Strength & Hope for the New Year #LBLHope

As part of my participation on Lunchbox Love's Mom Panel, I was blessed with the chance to share a little strength and hope with another blogger.  We all know someone who might need a little strength and hope in their lives and I had a few ideas in mind.

After thinking it over, I decided that I wanted to choose my sweet friend Deb from iPackLunch.  She's an amazing mom to 4 kids, the youngest of whom, Evan, has Down Syndrome.  She's also a working mom and a great lunch blogger, and has been dealing with other health problems within her family (but that's for her to share, not me).  I have no idea how she does it all and thought a little extra love might help brighten her day.

Deb's sweet Evan, isn't he a doll?

Strength & Hope from Lunchbox Love was developed to provide loved ones with a heartfelt message as well as powerful quotes to inspire words of hope.  For those days, when you don't quite know what to say, why not use one with a plate of cookies, a bouquet of flowers, or another thinking of  you gesture. The simple, heartfelt messages on the front of each card give your friend the comfort of knowing you are there for them while the powerful quotes on the back inspire with words of hope.

As well, a portion of the proceeds from every sale of Lunchbox Love® Strength & Hope go directly to Susan B. Komen Foundation, so you're spreading even more strength and hope in the form of breast cancer research.

Connect with Lunchbox Love at and on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Meet Deb and her beautiful family at iPackLunch or check out her Instagram for adorable pictures.