Yoplait Yogurt - Make the Swap Challenge

Yoplait has a new challenge out that we are going to have to try!

It's a simple one and only takes one month to try.  Each week, just swap out one unhealthy snack in your household for a Yoplait yogurt instead.  What's your vice?  Chips?  Cookies?  Candy?  Ice cream?  Just pick a snack or pick a day and substitute your favorite flavor of Yoplait yogurt instead.  (In case you're curious, Faith loves the lemon, Ben picks blueberry and my favorite happens to be cherry.)

We're trying the challenge too, although we are already really big yogurt fans.  We buy the tubes, the big containers and the individual containers.  F&B are kind of happy to be using the individual containers since they each get to pick their favorite flavors to try.  It's a nice switch from the larger single flavor containers or the prepackaged mixed flavors.

Will you try the challenge too?

If so, click here for an extra coupon off Yoplait yogurt!  And let me know how it goes!

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