Old El Paso Frozen Entrees #NoWayThatsFrozen

As displaced Texans, we're always missing good Mexican food.  We've been exploring Colorado, without much luck, so I've been mostly making my own.  But there are those nights when we just want a quick and easy meal.

We discovered that Old El Paso also makes frozen dinner entrees?  We often buy their tortillas and taco seasonings, but I had no idea they also made complete meals.  Our local grocery carried quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos and fajitas, each one available in beef or chicken, in their freezer section.  We bought a few to try.

Each meal is labelled as dinner for two, but it is F&B and me, so we tried a single meal with sides (enchiladas) and a second meal (fajitas) with a couple of extra quesadillas.  The remaining quesadillas and burritos will end up being lunches for the kiddos.

The verdict?  We enjoyed the meals, especially the enchiladas.  Ben also liked the chicken fajitas while Faith enjoyed the quesadillas, but neither liked the other's pick as much.  The meals were easy to prep--the enchiladas started out in the microwave and finished in the oven, the fajitas were a quick stovetop meal and the quesadillas were also microwavable (although I did finish them in a frying pan).

I could see buying them again, especially the enchiladas (our favorite).  I have to admit, after a long day of skiing, it was nice to quickly put the pan in the oven and have dinner!

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Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Old El Paso® through Platefull Co-Op.