A Not-Quite Bento but still Cute Food!

We're off this week and I am being super duper lazy with the lunches, which basically means "Kids, you know where the fridge is, right?"  However, we did discover some bento finds at Target the other day, so I had to at least try them out for the sake of the blog.  I cheated and used a regular plate that goes in the dishwasher so at least I didn't have to hand wash anything.

Ben tried out some duck? bird? something with wings and a beak? shaped sandwiches for me, made of ham and cheese on honey wheat.  Since I was playing around, I added some water with blackberries (blueberries would also be cute, but mine were frozen, along with a little sun made from some cutie orange pieces and carrot sticks.  We were both entertained by it.

As for the duck cutter?  Target for $1.49!  In mine, it was at the far end of the kitchen aisle, actually close to where they normally have the seasonal bedding and room decorations.  Not where I would expect to find it, but they had this one and another that is dog shaped that will also be used this week.