Monday, April 28, 2014

A Simple Mickey Mouse Lunch

We haven't used our Laptop Lunches in awhile, mostly because I could not remember where I put them when we moved into this house.  But, in the process of looking for something else last week, I found them!  And the best thing to do when you find a lunchbox?  Make a bento lunch in it!

Ben opted for a simple Mickey Mouse themed bento, complete with three Mickey shaped sandwiches (ham and cheese on honey wheat).  He also took carrots, a sliced boiled egg, a couple of chocolate chip cookies, and strawberries with a few Mickey themed picks a friend sent us from Japan.

As noted, lunch is packed in one of our Laptop Lunches, which both kids were quite happy I found.  Not pictured is the dip container which we didn't use in this lunch or the lid for the yellow container.


  1. Those llaptop unches look really very practical & colourful!

  2. Hi. This is a great lunch. I've been looking for Mickey hand food picks for a long time. Where did you find yours?



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