Hormel May - Grilling Season Kickoff

With summer picnics and backyard BBQs just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about grilling recipes that will please every guest, from classic favorites to the unexpected.

Nothing tastes better than a meal on the grill.  We love marinated chicken breasts or steak, potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, and pineapple.  Yes, we really do grill our pineapple.  We got the idea from our favorite Brazilian restaurant and just adapted it to go on the grill.  Peel and core your pineapple, then slice it into rings.  Mix cinnamon and sugar together, then brush it on the pineapple.  Grill, flip, brush, grill, flip, brush, then eat warm, right off the BBQ!

Here are a few other unique, on-trend twists to try out on your grill:

  • Bacon – The bacon boom is here to stay, with new bacon-centric trends, such as bacon-and-ice cream, bacon-and-chocolate, and even bacon-flavored alcohol popping up everywhere. Bring this deliciously salty trend to the grill this summer with Hormel® Black Label® bacon. Grilling bacon gives you the perfect mix of crispy and chewy making it a tasty accompaniment to any meal.
  • Pizza – Remind your readers they can easily enjoy the popular wood-fire taste in their own backyard! Impress guests with an assortment of homemade pies but don’t forget everyone’s favorite topping, Hormel® pepperoni. 
  • SPAMBURGER® – There is a love affair with Hawaii these days, which includes their cuisine. Bring the tropics to your backyard with a Hawaiian classic - the SPAMBURGER®. Featuring a delicious combination of SPAM® and pineapple, this dish offers the island-inspired flavors seen in much of today’s popular dishes.

What are your favorite dishes on the grill?

Disclosure: I have received product and information from Hormel Foods in exchange for being a Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger. All opinions expressed within the post are my own.