Summer Camp, Day 2 Bento

Ben is loving Camp Invention!  It runs all week, so we'll actually have 5 different bentos by the end of it.  I decided that my goal was a different type of lunch each day, which is really interesting as I'm out of town Wed-Fri and lunches had to be packed ahead of time.  But Day 2 is actually Tuesday and I was still home at the time.

Ben decided on a make your own pizza lunchable-style meal.  He has a sandwich round to use as his pizza crust, sliced in half and stacked to fit in the box.  To top his pizza, he has leftover marinara from our spaghetti the other night, shredded cheese, and pepperoni.  Tucked in between is a spoon to spread the marinara, which Ben reminded me about half a dozen times.  To the right, he has cantaloupe and blueberries for his fruits.  He opted for Greek yogurt for a snack and water to drink.  Lunch is packed in our EasyLunchboxes, the sauce/cheese are in mini-dippers, and the elephant picks were added because the boy likes elephants.