New CuddlePalz Cutter and Extra Cute Lunch

Cuddle Palz from CutezCute

Last week, we got an awesome package in the mail from All Things for Sale, filled with some picks I had ordered and the adorable new CuddlePalz cutter from CutezCute!  We already love our Animal Friends and Animal Palz from them, so the kids were excited to see a new one with different critters to make.

The Animal Palz cutter consists of a head shaped sandwich cutter with four different face inserts (koala, bear, panda and tiger).  Each face shape is double sided--one side stamps the design, the other side cuts it out.  Also included is a body and hand shaped cutter and a koala pick to help push the cut-outs from the design, with the option to make over 40 combinations.

Cuddle Palz from CutezCute Bento in EasyLunchboxes

We decided to try out our cutter with our first design, a cute little tiger lunch!

Ben had a ham and cheese sandwich on wheat, cut with the new Cuddle Palz.  I used a regular sandwich (apparently I bought small bread slices) for the phase, then a single slice of bread with the leftover fillings for the body, then recut to piece it together a little.

Mr. Tiger is standing on a granola bar from our pantry stash, or maybe he's standing on it?  For sides, I had fresh strawberries and a newly sliced honeydew, accented with a matching tiger pick.  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes, of course.

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