How to Make Easy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cupcakes

Once I discovered the trick to making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle apples, the basic idea for Ben's birthday party cake fell into place.  Who needs a TMNT cake when you can make TMNT cupcakes?

Prior to this, I saw tons of adorable cupcakes online, but I am not a cake decorator, I do not play one on tv, and I am not adept at working with fondant at all.  I don't even pretend I know how to do that.  But these cupcakes?  These are easy, even for those who eschew cake decorating.  With a bit of help from Immaculate Baking (see this post for more details), I had a plan!

What you need:
Cupcakes (we made chocolate ones with Immaculate Baking)
Green icing, Betty Crocker brand, in a can that comes with decorating tips
Fruit by the Foot Flavor Mixers
Candy eyeballs

How to make:
  • Bake your cupcakes, let cool, preferably overnight.
  • Using the star tip that comes with your can of icing, neatly swirl a layer of icing over the cupcake.  I start from the middle and keep turning circles till I cover most of the top.
  • Cut strips of Fruit by the Foot to act as the mask for each cupcake, peel each in half to separate the colors.
  • Layer a mask strip on top of the icing.
  • Put some icing on a plate and using a toothpick, spread a dot of icing on the back of each candy eyeball.
  • Stick the eyeballs to the mask, the icing will help hold them in place.
And you've got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcakes!

Make a bunch, stack them on a cupcake tree and it's a birthday centerpiece and cake!

For Ben's birthday party, the top cupcake is iced but without the turtle decorations so we were able to put the candles into it and have 4 of each turtle on the cupcake tree.

In case you were curious, Ben wanted a Donatello one!  Stay tuned for the rest of his birthday posts (decorations and favors), and check out our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Apples for a healthier snack!