How to Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Apples (And a Bento!)

Ben is just a little obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and was quite thrilled to discover that, as part of my Gogurt Blogger project, he was going to get TMNT Gogurts and the collection of Gogurt holders with the turtles on them!  I was even happier when the team asked if we could create a TMNT themed bento to go with the yogurt and Ben was more than happy to help.

Besides the TMNT Gogurt, we opted for a homemade pocket sandwich (cream cheese and jelly) and apples, both dressed up like turtles as well.  He also had a few strawberries, some string cheese, and the remainder of the goodies I used for the turtle masks.

Want to make your own Ninja Turtles apples?

All you need is a green apple, a piece of Fruit by the Foot Flavor Mixers (this will give you two colors to work with), and candy eyeballs.
  • Cut your apple in half, brush the open side with a bit of lemon juice or Sprite to prevent it from browning.
  • Open up your Fruit by the Foot and cut a piece that is a couple of inches longer than the width of the apple.
  • Carefully peel the Fruit by the Foot in half to separate the colors (it actually pulls apart easily).
  • Wrap each piece around an apple half, tucking the ends together underneath.
  • Place your candy eyeballs on top of the Fruit by the Foot and press them down, they will stick!
  • Put your TMNT apple in your lunchbox and add some other goodies, we wrapped our sandwich the same way!
Stay tuned for Ben's birthday cupcakes, also TMNT themed!

Disclosure: I am a Gogurt Lunchbox Blogger.  This lunchbox was created as part of my relationship with Gogurt and I was compensated for my time and design.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. OH, these are so fun! What a great way to pack a lunch!

  2. too much fun!! I don't think my kids would get it though. I'll have to introduce them to TMNT this year

  3. These are so cool! I just found a TMNT lunch box and my son would love to find these in his lunch!

  4. Awesome. I have a young nephew who would love this!


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