Introducing Chex Mix Popped #ChexMixPopped

Before our big California trip, we received a few bags of the new Chex Mix Popped to try.  But, with that road trip in mind, we decided they might be the perfect snack for in the car.

But what is it?  Chex Mix Popped is a great combination of Chex Mix and popcorn.  It's all the goodness of standard Chex Mix (two kinds of pretzels and two kinds of Chex squares), along with extra yummy popcorn.

We sampled both the White Cheddar and Sweet & Salty flavors, and none of us are quite sure which one was our favorite.  The White Cheddar had a great cheesy flavor and the Sweet & Salty was just that, with bursts of caramel popcorn flavor in the mix of pretzels and Chex.  Needless to say, neither bag lasted very long into our road trip!

What does snacking look like at 80 mph?  Kind of a blurry mess when you're turning around, pointing the phone and hoping for the best!  (Note, I was the *passenger* when these were taken!!!)

Definitely a two thumbs up product from our family, we were sad we didn't have more than the two bags for the trip!

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Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.