New Suddenly Grains Salad #SuddenlyGrainSalad

We've been enjoying our summer grilling season so far, but I've definitely been running out of ideas for side dishes.  It seems like we do a lot of the same rotation--pasta salad, potatoes, grilled veggies, and repeat.

This week, we are trying something new and sampling the Suddenly Grains Salads from Betty Crocker.  Each flavor features grain blends like brown rice, wild rice and quinoa, yummy herbs and spices, a dressing mix, and dried fruit, vegetables or nut mix-ins.

Better still, they are easy to cook.  Just boil the main grain mix bag till cooked, usually about 15 minutes (on average).  Open it up, mix up the dressing, blend the two together and stir in the mix-ins.  Eat it right away or refrigerate it for later meals.  How easy could that be?

While we plan to try all three flavors, we are already loving the Tuscan Grains blend.  It's a perfect side dish to Italian sausage.  There's also Southwest Grains and Harvest Grains that we will be sampling with our grilled dinners later this week.  I'm thinking a TexMex chicken for sure, maybe a yummy grilled pork for the other.

What would you serve with the Suddenly Grain Salads?

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.