Simple Snacks with CutezCute Cutters

Now that we're home, we're eating at the house again, so I've been trying to use different tools I own to share on the blog for ideas for back-to-school.  F&B are willing participants since it means yummy lunches and snacks while I'm experimenting.  Today, we're showing off some of our favorite, extra-easy snacks using CutezCute cutters!

The original Cutezcute Animal Friends Food Deco Cutter and Stamp Kit features a head shaped main cutter, along with face cutouts for a kitty, pig, panda bear, and frog, and a helper tool to remove the cutout pieces. The cutter works well on bread, cheese, deli meats, and thin slices of melon.  It also makes a darling cookie cutter!

In this snack, Ben has a frog shaped sandwich (ham and cheddar probably), raspberries with caramel chips inside, and baby carrots.

The second Cutezcute product is the CuteZcute Animal Palz Mini Sandwich and Egg Press.  This one can be used as a hard boiled egg mold or a sandwich press, in addition to using it like a cutter.  Animal choices are pandas, monkeys, bats, and lambs, with a tiny press/stamp that can add a baby panda!

In this snack, we had three mini PB&J pocket sandwiches and an apple.  (If you want to see how the egg molds work, check out this post.)

The newest Cutezcute product is the CutezCute Cuddle Palz Sandwich Cutter and Cookie Stamp Kit.  Similar to the first version, it features a head and four different face cutouts (koala, tiger, bear and hamster), but also includes a cutter to add a body or hands.  We've mixed and matched the body with our original cutter too.

This snack box includes a turkey and cheese bear sandwich, along with sliced strawberries.  Not pictured is yogurt to make it a little more substantial.

As for the scraps?  The shape lets you save the outside part of the bread to make egg in a hole.  You can also start a freezer bag to make your own croutons or breadcrumbs.  Or, as often happens around here, the dog is quite content to nosh on a few crusts.

We'd definitely recommend one, two, or all three, if you're looking for a really cute bento tool to brighten up your lunches!