Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Sandwich Bento

We loved Guardians of the Galaxy and Groot was our favorite character.  It's funny, because normally?  Totally not my kind of movie.  I had passes to see a 20 minute preview, so took Ben.  The preview was hysterical, so we went and saw the real movie when it came out.  All four of us loved it, Ben especially.

So last night, when I was making Ben's lunch, it occurred to me that I could make a Groot sandwich, so I got to work and …

Ben has a ham and cheese sandwich, shaped like Groot on 12 grain sandwich bread.  Why 12 grain?  It has texture, of course.

Groot himself was cut with my kitchen shears to make the points at the top of his head and to round the corners.  I rounded the corners first, so the bread lined up.

Then, I cut some zigzag triangles at the top of each of the two pieces.  You don't want them to line up perfectly, the back pieces should show behind the front ones.  It's OK to wing it, he's a tree!

I then flattened crust with a rolling pin and cut a thin strip to make his mouth.  I flattened some scraps of whole wheat bread and cut two circles to back his eyes and some freehand strips to make the extra twig branches.  His actual eyes are two brown M&Ms.  A reader suggested blueberries as well.  Anything that could be a dark circle should work.

Tiny dots of cream cheese hold everything in place.

For side dishes, Ben had strawberries with a Groot-like pick and a mini orange in a "StarLord" silicone cup.  Well, it's a star cup, I was trying for a theme.  He also took a tube of yogurt, a granola bar and a cheese stick to fill out his lunch and snacks.  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.


  1. Thanks for sharing...This is awesome and will be in my daughters lunch next week. We can't do the M&M's, so we'll use blueberries instead I think. She will love it.

    1. That's a good idea too! Hope they love it as much as Ben did. :)


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