Keeping It Simple Bento Lunch Formula

I was making Faith's lunch the other day when I realized that the picture pretty much showed our standard lunch formula for school.

While I love making creative lunches, they are usually filled with items I know the kids will eat, since lunch away from home isn't always the best time to experiment.  We try new items ahead of time to make sure they will be eaten if I sent them in to school.

What is our lunch formula?
Main dish: Sandwich, savory muffins or quiches, leftovers, pasta salads, boiled eggs & bagels, etc
Fruit: Melons, strawberries, grapes, raspberries, apples, my two love all fruits
Veggie: Carrots & cucumber are most popular, sometimes we sub in fruit #2 and do more veggies for dinner
Treat: Either a salty or sweet treat--pretzels, granola bar, mini muffin, cookie
Dairy: Yogurt, cheese stick, something for a snack that's an extra bit of protein

Above, Faith has a ham and cheese sandwich on multigrain bread rounds, topped with cheddar koala bear from our Cutezcute cutter.  She has grapes, carrots and a breakfast bar in the side dishes, and I added a yogurt tube to her lunchbox.  Yummy combo and happy kid!

What is your lunchbox formula?


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