Leftovers to Lunches Bento - Burger Bites

Faith needed a lunch the other day that also happened to be my grocery shopping day.  She was unimpressed with the sandwich fixings we had left and nothing really looked all that good to her.  While we were looking in the fridge, we discovered these beef and cheese bites left from the day before, all packaged up neatly.  Lunch it is!

Faith took the remaining 5 beef and cheese bites, along with a dipping container of ketchup to use with them.  She does have microwave access at school, but apparently ate them cold because they were good that way?!?!

I also packed her a cheese stick to make sure she had enough protein.  For side dishes, she picked a clementine orange and some fresh strawberry slices, then took an applesauce pouch and a yogurt tube for snacks. Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.

The moral of this lunch?  Don't rule out the random leftovers in your fridge!