Rubbermaid Lunch Blox and the First Day of School

If you've been on the blog Facebook page, you might have seen the deal Amazon had on Rubbermaid Lunch Blox.  They were down to $5.75 and make a great beginner bento set (now at $7.19 which is still not bad).  Since we didn't own a set previously, I decided we needed one for our bento collection.  Ben immediately claimed it for his first day of school lunch.

For his first day of school lunch, Ben picked a ham and cheese sandwich on wheat, cut with our airplane Lunch Punch, with the cheese swapped outside for decoration.  In the medium container, he picked sliced cantaloupe and the smaller containers hold a strawberry-almond granola bar and raspberries with chocolate chips in them.  For snacks (not pictured), he chose a yogurt tube and a applesauce pouch.  And I sent him a Lunchbox Love note too!

Our Thoughts:

We opted for the grown-up, plain colors one because we liked the configuration of smaller cups better.  The prettier "kid" colors have a larger sandwich box and two of the medium containers whereas the adult one had the sandwich box, one medium container and two small containers.  Since the kids prefer variety, the double small containers work better for us.

The containers snap into the icepack, so it definitely needs a bigger lunchbox to carry it or the water bottle needs to be separate.  Since Ben prefers is water bottle with him, we just put that in his backpack and he was able to fit lunch in his new TMNT lunch bag.

Want to buy one for yourself?  Shop with us on Amazon!


  1. I love this set! I bought it last year with a Target coupon that brought the price down a bit but ended up burning a hole in one of the lids in the dishwasher :( So I bought a whole new set. I love how they all click together with the ice pack. Perfect!


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