Spam Fried Rice (or what to do with leftover Spam)

A couple of weeks ago, I made the husband Spam musubi while I was making sushi.  Since he is the only one who really likes sushi in my house, we ended up with leftover Spam.

Now, since we cook a lot, it only took a few days for us to acquire enough other leftovers for our weekly staple of fried rice.  It's the husband's favorite and seems to be a Chamorro/Filipino staple, or at least in his family!

Our version is different each time, depending on what is in the fridge.  There's no secret recipe, just adding veggies, meat and eggs to the wok, then rice, then soy sauce, garlic and butter.  I eyeball everything, so I can't even guess proportions.

The basics include rice, eggs, oil, garlic and onion, but the husband had cooked breakfast the day before, so we had leftover scrambled eggs to save me a few minutes too.  I diced the remaining Spam into little cubes so there was some in every bite, and used up the last little bits of other leftover meats, plus fresh green onions from our yard.

Lunch was on the table in minutes and thoroughly enjoyed by my three starving family members!

What are your favorite go-to leftover items?

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