Hormel October - What's for Dinner on Halloween?

I absolutely adore Halloween.  Despite not blogging a lot of Halloween related lunches this year, I'm still really excited about it.

The house is decorated and I added in an awesome set of spider candles to the rest of our plan.  Faith is going to be the Mad Hatter this year and Ben is going to be Groot, leaving the question, "Should he say trick or treat or I am Groot?"  We also are having friends come over for dinner and trick or treating with us, which will make it that much more fun!

Depending on the year, we have a few Halloween dinner ideas.  When it's just the four of us, we typically do pizza or mummy dogs.  But when we have friends over, we opt for something easier to make for a larger group, like chili.

This year, we are having yummy crockpot BBQ sandwiches, from Lloyds Barbecue!  I chose the pork version and bought three containers.  While you can heat it up in a variety of ways, I didn't want to think about it, so we took it out of the original containers and put it in the crockpot on low.  For sides, we opted for a baked macaroni and cheese with a crumbly topping and chips & dip.

Why no dessert?  5 kids, all trick or treating, and there is plenty of candy to be had!

What's your go-to Halloween meal?

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