More Egg Salad Bento Ideas

After Ben had his egg salad sandwich bento, Faith insisted that she needed one too.  Since I was smart enough to double the amount of egg salad I made, it all worked out!

However, she did not really want sandwiches and I needed to make her lunch in advance so no soggy bread.  We opted to assemble it as a make-your-own egg salad bento.

She chose mini cocktail breads to go with her container of egg salad.  These larger silicone cups actually fit perfectly in the EasyLunchboxes and nestle right up to the lid, so no spills.  For side dishes, she picked carrots, cheese cubes, a mini orange and apple slices.  Not pictured, she had a granola bar and yogurt tube.  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.