Make Individual Turkey Crudites

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for a cute, quick Thanksgiving appetizer idea?  We just designed these turkey crudités at the last minute, since everyone was a wee bit hungry and the turkey needed to finish cooking!

They're perfect for kids since everyone can have their own individual plate and dipping cup

What do you need?

Apple slices, preferably in a couple of colors, carrots sticks, individual peanut butter cups, and a few candy eye balls!

We also think celery would be cute too, but we didn't have any.

To assemble, just open the peanut butter cups and arrange carrots and apples around it to make feathers!

Add two candy eyeballs, a carrot triangle for a beak, and an apple sliver for a wattle, and you've got the perfect little appetizer!

And, as an extra bonus, no double dipping to worry about!


  1. this is such a simple idea, but it's so smart! I'm pinning this one to save for next Thanksgiving!

  2. This is so good! I love seeing all the different ways to make turkeys and this is so smart.


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