A New Bento Box from Fit & Fresh

We got a few fun new boxes in the mail from Fit & Fresh the other day!

After a quick perusal, Faith claimed one as her own and insisted that is be used for her lunch.  Since I had to make her lunch anyhow, it seemed like a good time to use it!

For lunch, she chose a ham and muenster sandwich on multigrain sandwich rounds.  I cut it in half since the box is nice and deep and added two silicone cups for pretzels and some Samoas we had stashed in our freezer.  Both boxes on the right have lids to seal them, so she picked apple slices and carrot sticks with a teeny container of hummus for dipping.

As you can see, the bag the box came in totally says Faith, so she has claimed it for her own.  The box fits tightly into the bag, so no room for loose snacks, however the box is plenty big enough to pack everything you need.

Inside the box lid, you can snap two icepacks in place to keep your food chilled.  The section on the left is large and tall enough for a thick sandwich or try what we did and add a few silicone separators.  The two right compartments seal if need be for liquid foods, so ideal for a kid lunch all day!

Want one of your own?  Shop the Fit & Fresh store with us on Amazon!


  1. The lunch looks fabulous!

  2. I love the lunchbox! How nice to have the ice packs built in. I also really like the pattern of the bag.


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