Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas Bento

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Well, at least in our bentos, it is!  It's still a bit unseasonably warm in Colorado, but as Texans, we are NOT complaining.  As much as I like to ski, I could do without snow in my own yard.

Today, I packed up a quick snack bento, using my favorite Nordicware Christmas cookie cutters, which double as awesome sandwich presses.  A trick to using press cookie cutters on bread?  Cut everything out separately.  It only takes a few seconds more, but you get much nicer cutouts that trying to press an entire sandwich at once.

In today's snack, we have two sandwiches, an elf and a Santa, with ham and cheese on whole wheat bread.  I made a quick orange flower out of a peeled Cutie orange with a blueberry center, and added some carrots too.  Under the Lunchbox Love Christmas note, there are a couple of cookies for a sweet treat.  Lunch is packed in a PlanetBox Shuttle today.


  1. I love these cutters too! They are SO cute. Love the lunchbox note you included with it. It looks great!

  2. Beautiful lunch! I also like to use stamp cookie cutters.


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