Make an Easy Fruit Wreath Snack

Playing around in the kitchen today and realized that we could make a wreath out of the fruit we had on hand!  These would be an awesome individual snack or you could add extra layers/circles to make a larger tray for a group.

What you need:
  • Multiple green fruits - we used kiwi and green apple, but green grapes and honeydew would look awesome as well (or maybe in addition to the kiwi and apple?)
  • Raspberries 
How to make a fruit wreath:
  • Peel your kiwi and slice it into thing rounds, arrange them in a large circle.
  • Slice the apple into small chunks and set on top of the kiwi.
  • Remove a few apple chunks and replace with raspberries to decorate the wreath.
Optional, halve grapes and slice honeydew into pieces (use an overlapping circle to make it more leaf-like) to fill out the wreath!  

I really want to try this for a group event, wouldn't it be awesome with layers of green fruits around the outside?  Or with a bowl of yogurt or fluff dip in the middle?


  1. Gorgeous! This would make anyone want to eat fruit.

  2. It's so bright and festive. I love it!


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