It's a Koala, with a Mustache, Bento!

We're in kind of a goofy mood, since it looks like it's going to snow quite a bit here.  Nothing brings levity to any given situation like a mustache, so Ben is having a mustache lunch

In his lunch, he has a turkey, ham and cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds, decorated with a koala bear with a mustache and top hat!  To the right, he has sliced strawberries with a mustache pick plus a mini orange with an extra koala pick.  On top of the sandwich, he has a chocolate chip kids Clif bar.  For snacks, he took along yogurt and a few mini granola bars. Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.

How did I make the mustache?  With my awesome new vegetable cutters from CutezCute!  The cutters come in a pack of six, including the awesome mustache and top hat.  They are strong enough to cut through vegetables and absolutely perfect for cutting sandwich decorations out of cheese.  Plus, they match perfectly with our other CutezCute products, including the koala decoration above!

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