Mickey Mouse Themed Bento

Feeling a little Disney-ish today, so we decided it's time for a Mickey Mouse themed bento.  A sweet friend sent me some adorable Mickey & Friends picks from Toyko Disneyland, which might have put us in an even more Disney mood.  (And I was just telling the kids how my family used to go to Disney over Christmas, so now I really want to do that again!)

What's in this lunch?  It's actually in the fridge for Ben for tomorrow, but we've got ham and cheese sandwiches, shaped like Mickey heads, along with a chocolate chip Kids Clif ZBar in the main compartment.  To the right, we have a baby orange flower with a blackberry center and a Mickey hand sticking out in the upper compartment, along with cantaloupe and honeydew with one of my adorable new Mickey picks in the lower compartment.  Along with this, Ben will have yogurt, a string cheese, and a few other small snacks to get him through the day.  We pack snacks separately for convenience.

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes and the main Mickey shaped sandwich cutter is this one on Amazon.  The picks were all sent from Japan, so no easy links to those.