New Boxes and a Lunch for Faith

When we were in California last summer, the kids and I went to Daiso to pick up some new bento supplies.  However, when we got home and unpacked, I forgot to take them out of one of our little suitcases.  I opened up the suitcase the other day to put some smaller totes inside it and found all the cute new boxes, so Faith wanted to use hers.

For lunch, Faith took some wrap sandwiches I picked up at the deli on the corner (I *love* sales), along with a Kids Clif bar, and a couple of Girl Scout cookies to hold everything in place in container #1.  Container #2 holds a basic salad with some lettuce and carrots, since I'm out of other things and no one told me, along with some ranch in the cute little bunny container.  Container #3 holds pretzels and Container #4 holds strawberries.  The last two containers were for snacks because she wanted to use all her new containers, not just a few of them!

Want to guess why she loved these containers?  They're poodle-riffic and pink!  Ben also has an identical set with assorted vehicles on them.  While smaller than our typical containers, it was very nice to be able to pack the salad and strawberries completely separate from the other foods.


  1. What a super cute set. I'd want to use them all too!!

  2. I love little surprises like that! How fun to find a new box and make a yummy lunch.


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