On-the-Go Snacks with Hormel & Lloyd's Barbecue

We are always on the hunt for quick on-the-go items for snacks when we came across this gem at the grocery store.  I was actually looking for ham for our breakfast sandwiches when these adorable little tubs of Lloyd's Barbecue products caught my eye.  And of course, I thought lunch application!

Each container is microwavable (which I have at work and the kids have at their charter enrichment program), so it's perfect for hot bbq sandwiches or as a dip during the day.  We bought a few to test-drive and the kids love them on top of woven wheat crackers, with a smidge of shredded cheese.

They'd be perfect in a bento too--one container, some shredded cheese in a cup, crackers, fruit, veggies, and a drink and you'd be all set.  Each little container has 4 ounces of BBQ pork or chicken, so it's a great serving size for lunch!

And of course, we saved the container.  Since it's microwave-safe, I think it will be perfect for other microwavable items in their lunches.  Several of our bentos aren't microwave-safe or they consist of one large piece, so this seems like an ideal solution.

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