Quick Bento Lunch for Ben

It's always nice when the kids actually know what they want for lunch.  It saves me a lot of time and creative energy.  This week, Ben wanted a specific sandwich, with a cutter that only cut the crusts off but didn't make him lose much sandwich.  Our LunchPunch dolphin cutter fit the bill!

Ben wanted a bologna and cheese sandwich on whole wheat, so that is what he got, cut with the aforementioned dolphin cutter.  Since we have other under-the-sea food picks, I went with that theme.  In the middle of the sandwiches, I added an almond poppyseed muffin with a dolphin pick, then to the right he chose strawberries and pineapples.  Lunch is packed in our EasyLunchboxes!


  1. Gah... The Dolphins are super cute!!

  2. I love those dolphins! The muffin in the middle is a great use to fill that space as well.

  3. My daughter loves dolphins, but we don't have this cutter!


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