Another Dinosaur Bento for the Boy

For our Cub Scouts Blue & Gold ceremony last week, we had a dinosaur theme. And since I had out assorted dinosaur items to make a cake, it made a lot of sense to have a dinosaur themed bento.

Benjamin was the lucky recipient of the dinosaur lunch, which included a piece of the aforementioned dinosaur cake.  He and I baked and decorated it as part of our den activities and it turned out adorable.  He has a sliver of it in the top center compartment--the grass was dyed coconut, with chocolate icing for the ground.  But since cake alone probably isn't lunch, he also had two dinosaur sandwiches (turkey and cheese on whole wheat), along with sliced strawberries and blackberries, and a yogurt (not pictured).  Lunch is packed in one of our 4 compartment Happy Lunchboxes.